With less than 4% of the land covered with trees, Haiti is becoming a desert if we do not act now. The Blessed Seed fruit tree program is an attempt to combat the deforestation and environmental disaster by giving away fruit tress to the people living in the rural communities of Les Cayes. The fruit tree nursery project will grow only native fruits trees because of their double impact. The fruit trees will help Haiti becoming greener, and also a good source of healthy food. Not only we will give away fruit trees, but we will educate each recipient about the importance of a fruit tree, and teach them how to care for each fruit tree.
Location: Bergeaud, Haiti.
As a result of deforestation, Haiti is very vulnerable; flood, hurricane, and any other natural disaster are killing thousands of Haitians each year. Our goal is to give away at least 150.000 fruit trees every year to churches, schools, civic organizations and local residents.
What we will be doing:
In collaboration with the community and other organizations the infrastructure for a fruit tree nursery (Blessed seed nursery) will be funded and implemented in many rural communities.
We will employ persons knowledgeable in the field to work together with the community, and establish an educational program in the cultivation and preservation of native fruit trees. The educational program will include seminars and workshops at least every three months for any churches, youth groups, schools, non profit organizations, civic associations and business leaders that are interested in the fruit tree program.
b) How is the project connected to the deforestation in Haiti?
By offering to churches, youth groups, schools, non profit organizations, civic associations, business leaders, and individuals a chance to plant a fruit trees is a small step in the right direction. And with a pledge of at least 150.000 trees a year, the reforestation of Haiti will be possible.
If you would like to support the Blessed Seed fruit tree Program, please contact us.
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