The Blessed Seed, a Christian evangelical organization whose priority is to preach the Word of God through many ways. Mission Blessed Seed will be very active in missionary work all over the world. There will be a missionary sponsored by The Blessed Seed in every department in Haiti. Every trimester, international missionary trips will be organized for those who are called to short term missionary work. Prayer group the prayer group will mature and equipped Christians with the help of a group of leader whose job is to encourage, teach, visit and pray for the needs of the group members. The Blessed Seed will help the group leader to achieve spiritual, social and economic goals set by the group members. With growth, this prayer group may become a Blessed Seed church. There will be crusades and revival meetings every time there is a spiritual need for in a community, and Blessed Seed will work closely with Christian leaders and local government to have crusades and revival meetings. Prayer and fasting Prayer is the most powerful force and with prayer and fasting all things is possible. Every month our staff will take a day to fast and pray for the ministers and Christian leaders in the world.
Youth camp
To best target the youngsters and teenagers, Blessed Seed will organize youth camps where they can be taught, encouraged, guided and experienced God. This will be good place and time for them to share their ideas, faith, trials, concerns and questions with their friends. There will be counselors available in every youth camps.
About us
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