Since October, 2000, we have been ministering to many churches and organizations in South Florida. We primarily reach out to the Haitian community through various communication channels (youth ministry, revival meetings, radio and web broadcasting, newsletter, and magazines). Many lives have been transformed, touched, saved, blessed, and a few went even further by serving the Lord as missionaries, youth leaders, teachers, evangelists and pastors. Let's preach the Word; let's reach out to the world, and let's show the grace of God with tangible acts of love.
About us
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Feeding the hungry.
Promoting healthy habits and diets.
Providing good education to needy kids.
Helping the elderly.
Providing after school program
Preaching the Word, reaching out to the world through acts of compassion and kindness.
Blessed Seed Christian Outreach Ministry Inc. is very active in the Haitian communities of Northern Florida (Duval, Clay, St John, Nassau and Baker counties ) by not only ministering to their spiritual needs but also providing social services and counseling to the newly established Haitians, who have some difficulties in speaking and understanding the English Language. Blessed Seed is working with Haitians living in the Southern part of Haiti in developing business skills and productivity. Blessed Seed is also providing some basic services such as education, health, agriculture, farming, nature preservation and most importantly, preaching the Word of God. Blessed Seed Christian Outreach Inc. is a legal non profit organization 501(c) (3) incorporated in the state of Florida and located in Orange Park.
Blessed Seed is a Christian ministry whose mission is to preach the Word of God through revival meetings, crusades, direct mails, books, Christian literature, Radio-TV-web broadcasting, local and international missions and ministries to men, women, youth and children. This ministry is also geared at preaching the Word of God with tangible acts of love, for instance:
Rev. Saul Alcineus Jr.
Founder and President