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" We are blessed to be a blessing."
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Church Planting
Blessed Seed works closely with Christian leaders and local government in different cities or rural areas to have crusades and revival meetings, so that we can preach the gospel and win souls for Christ.
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Crusades and Revival Meetings
We go where God calls us to spread the Gospel and provide financial, administrative, and spiritual
support to establish churches in remote areas.
Church Strengthening
Blessed Seed is committed to supporting churches that align with one or more of our focus areas,
through providing for their physical needs, financial needs as well as providing guidance and training for
the leaders.
To best target youngsters and teenagers, Blessed Seed organizes youth camps where youth can be
taught, encouraged, guided and experience God. This is a great time for youth to share their ideas, faith,
trials, concerns and questions with their friends. Youth counselors are available in every youth camp to
minister to their needs.
Mission trips
Annual convention
As an Evangelical Christian ministry whose priority is to preach the Word of God, Blessed Seed is active in local and international missionary work and committed to support missionaries financially. On a regular basis, missionary trips are organized by the ministry for those who are called to short term missionary work.
Every year, members of our partner churches meet for a weekend long convention to praise, worship, encourage each other, and preach the Gospel. During this time, projects of the coming year and reports of past activities are presented to the assembly.
Partners Churches